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Improve document access, manage risk and reduce costs with our active and inactive records storage services.

Why is TABQUIK labeling
software right for you?

TABQUIK saves time and money by allowing you to print customized, color-coded file labels in just 3 easy steps.

TAB FusionRMS electronic document management software

Securely manage your paper and digital information.

TAB makes the items and information essential to your business easy to store, find and use. As your trusted business partner, we can help you save money, increase efficiency and keep your assets safe.
Don’t slouch on design. Introducing TAB Smart Locker Solutions.

Don’t slouch on design. Introducing TAB Smart Locker Solutions.

TAB’s new Smart Lockers provide a safe, secure location to store your belongings without sacrificing aesthetics. Make them fit your space in your way. Whether it’s with wall partition lockers, built-in locker walls, collaborative islands, or something else entirely, custom-built lockers provide your space with tons of flexibility. Choose the perfect fit for your office, campus, locker room, or business. Plus, smart locks for smart lockers – pick one of many locking options that work for you.

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Find information


Easily store and find the information and assets essential to your business.

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Reduce costs


Reduce staffing overhead and stop paying to store what you no longer need.

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Manage risk


Keep track of all your information and assets to minimize risk and maintain compliance.

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Optimize filing

Optimize physical file storage and access

Minimize your paper problems and streamline your business processes through optimizing your file storage and access.

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“With TAB’s help, we can better demonstrate compliance, more effectively manage risk… and make faster and better-informed decisions.”

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“We realized that TAB FusionRMS was going to make our lives a lot easier. From the moment a new box is opened, we immediately know where things are and where they need to go.”

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“Working with TAB on this project was a great experience and this process has set the bar for future digitization projects.”

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“We were really impressed with the capabilities of TAB FusionRMS. What really stood out for us were the robust search function and the OCR capability.”

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“With TAB FusionRMS, we can meet our anticipated growth and more. I couldn’t imagine living without it. We have made it such a backbone of our operations that we consider it critical software.”

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“TAB kept us up-to-date with weekly status reports, so the process overall was seamless. The high point was being able to send drawings electronically when the process was complete.”

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