Industry solutions

Industry solutions


TAB works with all levels of government, from municipal to federal, to improve business processes and manage records and information.

Our solutions help governments save money on file storage, improve document access, and apply proven systems to manage physical and digital records.

Minimize information management costs

Rising file storage costs are a constant threat to already stretched government budgets. TAB helps you minimize records storage costs with compact, efficient shelving solutions and purges of unneeded paper and electronic documents.

Go digital

TAB can help you make the move towards electronic documents and business processes. To help with your digital transformation, we can help you design and implement electronic workflows, manage large-scale digitization projects and deploy effective change management strategies.

Improve service levels

Our solutions for government make information easy to find and easy to manage. Give public servants instant access to information to better serve your constituents.

Manage risk and maintain compliance

TAB can help you implement proven systems and approaches for maintaining information compliance. Our software helps you manage risk by tracking every document, regardless of location or format.

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