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TABQUIK® labeling software

TABQUIK label creation software

Our Products and Services

TABQUIK® labeling software

Save time and money by printing your own color-coded file labels. TABQUIK is a web-based solution that allows you to print customized, color-coded file labels on any standard office printer.

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TABQUIK is easy.

Print labels in three simple steps: select the design, enter or import your data, and click “print”.

TABQUIK is flexible.

It runs on any internet-connected computer with any popular browser and a standard color office printer.

TABQUIK is secure.

Sensitive data never leaves your computer.

TABQUIK Features:

With TABQUIK, you can:

  • color-match letters or numbers to any popular labeling system
  • print text such as names or account numbers on both sides of the label, for quick identification.
  • use highlights to emphasize important text
  • print color bands or year codes to quickly identify specific types of files
  • automatically generate barcodes for file tracking

More Filing systems

CompuColor labels

CompuColor Labels

CompuColor labels are complete, highly-customized, factory-printed file labels. Text and numeric fields in the labels are populated dynamically using your own data.

alphabetic and numeric roll and sheet labels

Label rolls and sheets

TAB’s label rolls and sheets offer a wide range of pre-printed, individual labels including numbers, letters, month and year. You can apply these labels in combination to create your own color-coding and indexing system.

FilePak labels

FilePak Labels

FilePak labels are complete, factory-printed file labels that contain a sequential index that is customized to your needs.

TABQUIK label creation software


Are you wasting time applying lots of individual file labels? Why not print a single TABQUIK label instead?

It’s easy to apply and you can print it anytime from your own printer.

Learn more in our TABQUIK InfoPak.

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