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TAB® folders

TAB folders

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TAB® folders

TAB folders have a notched side/end tab and are available in a wide variety of specialty materials including pressboard, classification, pocket or expansion.

Styles available

  • standard notched side tab
  • full color expansion pockets
  • full color notched side tab
  • manila w-folder with notched side tab
  • classification folder with notched side tab
  • pressboard classification folder with notched side tab
  • pressboard expansion folder with notched side tab
  • heavy duty expansion file pocket with notched side tab


  • letter
  • legal

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More File folders

top tab folders

Top Tab folders

Small top tab

Top Tab file folders have a small notched tab along the top to provide room for color coded files in standard roll-out drawer cabinets.

2tab file folders

2TAB® Folders

Small top tab and side tab

2TAB file folders have both a side tab and a top tab, allowing you to use color coding in drawer cabinets and shelf cabinets.

datafile folders

TAB Datafile® Folders

Full-length, side tab

TAB Datafile folders have a full side tab to provide you with the maximum amount of space to color code your files.

FORTIfile folders with eternafilm

FORTIfile folders

Extra durable, full-length side tab

TAB FORTIfile folders are reinforced with eternafilm, making them the most durable, long-lasting file folders.

tabZEROfile folders


Eco-friendly, side tab or top tab

tabZEROfile is a 100% recyclable folder made from well-managed forestry certified products.

filing supplies catalogue

TAB Canada Filing Supplies Catalogue 2023

Download a PDF of TAB’s filing systems catalogue. Get details on TAB folders, colour-coded labels, filing accessories and more.

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