Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Filing Supplies

TAB’s filing supplies help you access information quickly and accurately.

We offer competitive lead times, prices and a high-quality products made in America at our Wisconsin manufacturing facility.

Whether you’re looking for stock or custom products, we manufacture them in-house. Including file folders, labels/filing systems, pockets, indexes and accessories.

file folders
File folders
Our file folders are designed and built by TAB for optimal visibility, fast retrieval and maximum longevity.
Filing systems
TAB's complete filing system including file labels have set the industry standard ever since we invented and patented the CompuColor color code filing system back in 1972. Choose from pre-printed color labels or blank labels for printing yourself.
File folder accessories

TAB offers a wide range of file folder accessories to improve efficiency and keep your documents secure.


TAB provides a wide assortment of pocket designs, allowing you to accommodate documents and media of varying sizes.


TAB offers a range of indexes to make it easy to find your information. We can also custom create indexes to your unique specifications.

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