Industry solutions

Industry solutions

Each industry faces unique challenges and opportunities. Across industries, we see a wide variety in the quantity and type of information created, stored and used. Business processes and regulatory environments also vary greatly from industry to industry.

Your information management partner is stronger when it knows your industry inside and out. Industry experience means you get proven solutions that can be put in place more quickly and with less risk.

TAB’s expertise runs deep in a number of industries, including finance, energy, government, healthcare, and legal. Discover what we can do for you.


Architect and design

Add more value to client designs with smart, efficient storage systems from TAB. We have provided storage solutions and design support to architects, design firms and contract furniture dealers for 70 years.

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energy records solutions


Manage the chaos of mergers and acquisitions, digitize physical collections and meet regulatory requirements.

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financial filing solutions


Save money on document storage, improve customer service, and increase the speed and accuracy of your loan operations.

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Government records management solutions


Optimize file storage, improve document access, and apply proven records management systems for your area.

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TAB healthcare solutions


Digitize patient chart data, automatically file chart documents, migrate to digital health records and manage drug trial information.

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TAB Legal Solutions: Reduce file storage costs, improve access to matter files, and manage the hybrid environment of paper and electronic legal records.


Learn how TAB helps law firms digitize and automate their file rooms to improve access to matter files, save money, and minimize risk.

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