Industry solutions

Industry solutions


TAB has extensive experience working with North American energy companies.

Our proven, highly specialized solutions help you manage a number of common challenges in the energy industry, including:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • transitioning to digital records
  • meeting regulatory requirements
  • managing records storage costs
  • demonstrating ROI and cost savings

Manage the chaos of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures

The energy industry sees more than its share of corporate handovers, and this can create havoc for managers. TAB can help you at every stage of a corporate transaction, from the initial discovery stages to the post-deal integration. We help:

  • facilitate the due diligence process, with file audits and virtual file rooms that make information securely accessible to stakeholders
  • integrate acquired records into existing collections
  • prepare unneeded records for disposition
  • ensure all information is secure and accessible during and after the transaction
  • minimize risk throughout the transition process

Digitize physical records and manage digital content

Many energy companies rely on the instant availability of land and well files to conduct field operations. TAB solutions can help you:

  • find and access information, regardless of format.
  • digitize, store, and manage paper documents
  • transition to electronic workflows
  • minimize risk and business disruption in the transition to electronic
  • manage change with corporate policies and training programs

Meet regulatory requirements

In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, energy companies struggle to maintain compliance with energy recordkeeping requirements. TAB helps you:

  • apply proven policies and approaches to achieve compliance
  • implement software and processes to track all of your information
  • maintain a full audit trail of your information

Minimize records storage costs

Rising file storage costs are a constant threat to profitability. TAB helps you minimize records storage costs with:

  • secure near-site and offsite storage facilities that reduce offsite box-storage costs
  • audits and purges of unneeded paper and electronic documents
  • scan-on-demand services
  • compact, efficient shelving solutions

Demonstrate ROI and cost savings

Challenging energy markets have forced energy industry managers to do more with less. TAB helps you stay profitable and demonstrate ROI with:

  • proven information management processes that deliver ROI
  • records-management-as-a-service solutions that minimize capital investments
  • records management outsourcing services that reduce staffing costs and real estate expenses

Learn how Rock Creek Resources LLC uses TAB FusionRMS to manage land records

Rock Creek Resources shares how they use TAB FusionRMS for Energy Records Management in this software demo. Learn how our records management software can help you:

  • meet compliance requirements
  • streamline acquisitions and divestitures
  • improve efficiency and productivity by gaining instant access to the information you need
  • manage risk
  • successfully complete audits and more.
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