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TAB SMART document purging

TAB SMART document purging

Our Products and Services

TAB SMART document purging

The TAB SMART document purging program helps you save money and minimize risk by getting rid of information you no longer need.

Unmanaged information causes major issues

Over time, organizations accumulate paper documents that are no longer needed for business purposes or legal reasons. As the quantity of documents grows, they add clutter to workspaces and take up valuable space in file rooms. This leads to a number of problems:

  • rising records storage costs
  • slower document retrieval times
  • exposure to litigation risk
  • more time-consuming and costly audits

TAB SMART solves the problem of unneeded documents

TAB SMART is a proven methodology for dealing with unneeded documents. S.M.A.R.T. stands for:


These elements work together as a one-time or ongoing program to purge your file room and workspaces of unneeded files.

Our TAB SMART service includes the following:

  • skilled knowledge workers to help you carry out and manage document purges
  • employee education on the difference between record and non-record material
  • scheduling of departmental cleanup days for employees to participate in document purges
  • setting up staging areas to process documents and move them into file rooms, inactive storage facilities and shredding bins

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