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File moves and relocation

File relocation

Our Products and Services

File moves and relocation

TAB’s experienced and knowledgeable file move teams help you reduce risk and minimize business disruption, whether you are moving down the hall or across the country.

Files are not furniture

Most organizations we work with understand that files require special treatment during a file move or relocation. However, they struggle to:

  • find the time for planning
  • manage the many details involved in a file move
  • find staff to help carry out the move

When seeking help with a file move, your files should be entrusted to an experienced partner that can minimize risk and disruption to your daily operations. Regular moving companies simply will not do.

TAB are the file moving experts

TAB has conducted countless successful file moves over the years and we understand what it takes to do it right.
Our file move services include:

  • consulting and project management services
  • file audits to know exactly what you are moving
  • pre-move file purges to avoid moving unneeded files
  • boxing, labeling and barcoding of files
  • transporting of files
  • re-shelving moved files
  • post-move inventory and quality checks

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