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Records management program design

records management program design

Our Products and Services

Records management program design

TAB’s expert consultants can help you plan an effective information management program to improve document access, manage risk and reduce costs.

Effective records and information management starts with a solid plan

Records and information management is a vital cog in the wheel of modern business. However, RIM has become much more challenging in recent years.

  • How do you keep track of the rapidly growing collections of digital information?
  • How do you manage paper and electronic records together?
  • How you stay current with industry and legislative requirements?
  • How do you manage information in the face emerging technologies?
  • How do you balance information access and security?
  • How do you demonstrate program ROI?

Navigating these challenges requires expert planning from experienced RIM practitioners.

TAB’s experts can design your successful RIM program

TAB has unparalleled experience and expertise in the field of records and information management. Our RIM program design services cover the full lifecycle of records and information management:

  • records classification
  • hybrid records management (electronic and physical together)
  • shared drive and cloud storage management
  • email records management
  • filing and storage
  • retention scheduling and disposition management
  • security, compliance and risk management
  • policies development and training

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