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Offsite box audits

Offsite box audit

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Offsite box audits

TAB’s offsite box audits help you reduce offsite storage costs, minimize risk, reduce document retrieval times, and prepare yourself for organizational changes.

The box storage problem

Offsite box storage is one of the biggest drains on records management budgets and a huge source of financial waste within organizations. In our experience, up to half of all records stored in offsite box storage are past their retention dates and no longer required.

In many organizations, inactive files have been boxed up and shipped to storage with little effort to organize or inventory them. This leads to several problems:

  • paying to store documents you no longer need
  • holding documents beyond retention guidelines, exposing you to compliance risks
  • increased exposure to risk
  • higher legal discovery costs
  • wasted time and money in the event of a corporate sale or merger

TAB offsite box audits deliver big value

TAB offsite box audits follow a proven, systematic approach to inventorying your boxes and allowing you to purge unneeded documents. The audits include:

  • capturing box-level information
  • capturing file-level detail
  • restructuring contents based on retention values
  • destroying non-records
  • destroying records that have passed their required retention dates
  • returning active files to active file room

During the audit, you will have an opportunity to review progress and approve the final destruction of records, ensuring an orderly, compliant process.

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