Expert Solutions

Expert Solutions

Digitize paper documents

TAB’s document imaging services help you expertly migrate to electronic formats and digital workflows.

Document imaging is challenging

Scanning paper documents and migrating to digital workflows comes with significant challenges. Our experience shows that up to 50 percent of all document scanning projects fail to meet their objectives.

Organizations struggle with issues such as:

  • How do you plan a successful document imaging program?
  • How do you ensure accuracy and security during the scanning process?
  • What do you do with paper files once they have been scanned?
  • How do you ensure that newly scanned files are accessible and secure?
  • How do you ensure a successful transition to digital workflows after the scan?
  • How do you handle ongoing digitization programs?

TAB’s experts can handle all of your document imaging challenges

TAB has completed countless successful document imaging projects. Our document imaging services cover every aspect of a digitization initiative.

We can help you:

access to paper documents, manage risk

Determine if document imaging is right for your organization

integrate records

Decide whether imaging onsite or offsite is right for you


Develop a project plan and help you prepare for document imaging

regional records center

Scan your documents onsite or in one of our regional imaging centers


Develop an ongoing document imaging and electronic records program

reduce staffing costs

Train staff members on how to work with electronic images

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