1. Five keys to a successful digital document conversion

Planning to digitize your files? Success is about more than just imaging every piece of paper in your collection or choosing the right digital storage tool. You need to look at the bigger picture, making sure that the conversion improves your daily operations. To help you do that, this guide reveals five key considerations as you start your project:

  • understanding business drivers
  • looking beyond technology
  • building a solid records management foundation
  • managing change
  • developing realistic expectations
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Guide: Taking the risk out of records retention

2. Guide: Taking the risk out of records retention

Improperly retained records expose your organization to unnecessary risk. Keeping records too long creates difficulties during legal proceedings; disposing of records too soon can get you into compliance trouble. To reduce these risks, our retention guide explains:

  • how to implement a retention schedule
  • how to get the benefits of records retention
  • what to look for in your records collection
  • issues to consider
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Custom folder guide

3. Custom folder guide

Smart folder design is essential for optimizing workflows, file retrieval, and document security. This guide will help you evaluate your current folders and show you how the right custom folders can improve your business processes.

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