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Twinfile® rotary cabinets

Twinfile rotary cabinets

Our Products and Services

Twinfile® rotary cabinets

Twinfile cabinets feature rotating shelves that allow you to store more media in a limited space. Rotating file cabinets can store 40% more media in the same footprint as traditional roll-out drawer filing cabinets. The rotating shelves provide instant access to your media from both sides of the unit. The cabinets can also be closed for added security and a clean look for commercial office storage.

Twinfile is the ideal file cabinet when you need more storage capacity in a limited space. Twinfile also works great as a workspace partition that doubles as storage space.

Twinfile cabinets are suitable for a wide range of media storage needs, including standard color-coded file folders, secure records storage in locking drawers, small media filing in three-inch drawers, filing in full-shelf rollouts, unit boxes and even wardrobe storage.


  • rotating inner unit allows access to all cabinet contents from both sides.
  • available in six heights and multiple interior configurations to meet your particular filing needs
  • flexible configuration to accommodate standard color-coded filing, secure lockable storage, and small media formats

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