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TAB-TRAC high-density mobile shelving; rolling filing system; business filing storage system

Our Products and Services


TAB-TRAC is a compact, high-density mobile file storage solution that allows you to increase file storage capacity while using less space. TAB-TRAC is ideal for environments where space is at a premium and where security is a priority.


  • dual-sided shelves slide perpendicular to their length in order to provide access to other shelves in the system
  • available in manual and mechanical-assist options, this sturdy rolling storage system is designed to last a lifetime
  • highly configurable, TAB-TRAC offers a wide range of design possibilities to match your environment and needs, storing any physical object imaginable

More High-density mobile shelving systems

TAB-TRAC Ultra Secure high density mobile storage

TAB-TRAC® Ultra Secure

Highly-secure, high-density mobile storage

TAB-TRAC Ultra Secure includes added features that allow you to protect critical information against frontal and overhead access.

EXPRESS-TRAC II mobile shelving systems


Easy-to-install, high-density mobile storage

The anchorless track system of EXPRESS-TRAC II makes it easier to install a high-density mobile storage solution.

POWER-TRAC II powered/electrical mobile shelving systems


Heavy-duty, high-density mobile storage

Strong, powerful and secure, POWER-TRAC II is ideal for storing a high volume of heavy media, with frequent user access.

SIDE-TRAC lateral mobile shelving systems


Lateral-sliding mobile storage cabinets

Our SIDE-TRAC lateral mobile storage system allows you to fit more storage cabinets into your existing space.

Trax lateral mobile shelving

Trax lateral mobile shelving

Lateral-sliding mobile shelving

The Trax Mobile system is the ideal lateral mobile solution for high-density, decentralized file areas.

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