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Retail and inventory storage

retail clothing storage

Our Products and Services

Retail and inventory storage

Our retail and inventory storage solutions help you maximize storage capacity and free up valuable retail space.

Whatever retail items you need to store, TAB can configure one of our storage solutions to fit your exact needs. Our high density mobile systems allow you to improve space utilization and access to inventories by narrowing or eliminating aisles and taking full advantage of the available height for additional storage. Our storage systems can all be secured and locked to prevent unwanted access, privacy breaches and theft.

More Specialized storage

box and archival storage

Box and archival storage

Store and secure archived material including books, boxes, magnetic tapes, CDs and DVDs, film cans, files and videos.

Healthcare - medical supplies storage

Healthcare storage

Store a variety of healthcare items, including files, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and linens.

museum storage

Museum storage

Securely store museum collection items and specimens in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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