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Weapons storage

weapons storage cabinets and racks

Our Products and Services

Weapons storage

Cabinets, open racks and accessories

Security, organization, and readiness are essential ingredients for effective service.

TAB weapons storage systems have been specifically designed to keep weapons, optics, ammunition and other equipment secure, organized and ready to mobilize.

This series of enclosed cabinets and open racks are fully customizable with interchangeable components for different weapons and gear.

TAB weapon storage systems are engineered to maximize efficiency and the use of space, all while staying organized and ready.


  • Heavy duty construction. All-welded construction with reinforced doors and lock bars provide the ultimate in security.
  • Adjustable components. Choose from an extensive selection of fully adjustable brackets, shelves, bases and mounts to store your rifles, shotguns, pistols, ammunition, optics, body armor, gear and other accessories.
  • Multiple locking options. TAB weapons cabinets feature 5- or 7-point locking mechanisms that are secured with a key lock or padlock hasps. All variations comply with US Military standards.
  • Multiple sizes.TAB weapons cabinets offer several locking options, including key locks and padlock hasps. All options comply with the US Military AR 190-11 physical security requirements.


Weapons storage products

bi-fold weapons and gun storage cabinets

Bi-fold door cabinets

The design of this universal weapons cabinet incorporates bi-fold doors that fully recede into the cabinet. This feature allows for the cabinets to be utilized on high density systems or in areas where floor space is at a premium, while still meeting US Military security standards.

hinged door lockable gun cabinets

Hinged door cabinets

Traditional style cabinets that allow for maximum storage utilizing the entire width of the cabinet. The clearance permits full access to stored weapons, gear, and accessories. The ventilated pattern provides airflow and allows visual inventory of stored items.

open rack weapon storage systems

Open rack systems

Designed for use in secured rooms or facilities, the open rack systems offer the same features of our cabinet selection with the added benefit of being readily accessible, having flexible heights and widths, and offering affordable layouts.

gun hooks, shelves, brackets, bins - accessories for gun cabinets

Weapons storage accessories

All of our weapons systems can incorporate a wide variety of bases, brackets, shelves, hooks and bins. These accessories help you store and secure weapons, tactical gear and related equipment including: long guns, pistols, ammo boxes, helmets, riot gear, body armor, night vision goggles and parachutes. No matter what you have to store, our systems ensure that is stored neatly and safely, and that it is easily accessible.

More Specialized storage

box and archival storage

Box and archival storage

Store and secure archived material including books, boxes, magnetic tapes, CDs and DVDs, film cans, files and videos.

Healthcare - medical supplies storage

Healthcare storage

Store a variety of healthcare items, including files, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and linens.

museum storage

Museum storage

Securely store museum collection items and specimens in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

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