TAB Storage Newsletter: How smart is your office storage?

June 2019 Storage Newsletter: How smart is your office storage?



TAB Storage Newsletter: How smart is your office storage?


TAB High-Density Storage Headlines

  1. SMARTER STORAGE: Download our guide
  2. BLOG: 6 things to consider before you buy office shelving
  3. MARKET SOLUTIONS: Efficient storage solutions for medical supplies or patient files
  4. SECURE STORAGE: Many options to stay compliant and keep your assets safe
  5. INSTA-STORAGE HIGHLIGHT: Custom medical storage on our Instagram page


Need shelving? Start with our needs assessment

1. Download: Smarter office storage guide

Learn how to make the most of your space and storage resources. Our guide shows you how to:

  • determine your current and future needs
  • purchase the right equipment
  • make informed design decisions
  • control the cost of storage enhancement
  • determine ROI
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Blog: How one organization increased storage capacity by 30%

2. Need to purchase shelving for your office? Here are 6 things to consider before you buy

Are you planning an expansion of your office supply storage, file room or records storage space? Are your existing shelving units not cutting it?

In these situations, it can be difficult to know what to look for in a new shelving system. There are many kinds to choose from and you want to be sure you get it right.

These key questions will ensure you gather all of the necessary information and lead you to the right storage option for your office space.

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Market solutions: How TAB partners with government agencies

3. Market solutions: Efficient storage solutions for healthcare

TAB’s affordable healthcare storage solutions provide secure access to patient information, operational files, supplies, pharmaceuticals, equipment, linens and uniforms.

Whether you need to protect patient information, maximize storage capacity or increase your operational efficiency, TAB can configure a solution to meet your exact needs.

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TAB four-post shelving: easy, flexible, high-density

4. Secure storage: options to help you stay compliant and keep your assets safe 

Every good storage solution will offer features and add-ons that allow you to address security and compliance requirements.

Locks are the most common security feature for high-density mobile shelving systems. Locks fix mobile shelves in place, preventing someone from opening an aisle or exposing a shelf.

Another popular security add-on is a rolling door, which can be installed to cover exposed shelf faces. Simply roll down the door and lock it in place to completely cover and secure your files. Check out our rolling door options for high-density shelving and cabinets here.

Some mobile storage solutions include the option of a cage-like system, like our TAB-TRAC Ultra Secure product. Cages can be used to close off a single aisle and to cut off access from the sides and from above.

Additional security options are available depending on your unique needs.

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TAB Storage Instagram Highlight: Custom bank storage

5. Insta-Storage Highlight: High-density medical supply storage

Are you following @tabstorage on Instagram yet? You should be! We post photos of innovative storage solutions that could help you save a significant amount of space and provide the right solution for your inventory.

Check out this post for an example of how one hospital client of ours is fitting their medical supply storage in less space.

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