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Modular Mobile®

Modular Mobile shelving system

Our Products and Services

Modular Mobile®

Modular Mobile file storage systems are a cost-efficient way to store more documents and records in less space. Simple and economical, the system puts your existing shelving and filed material on wheels to double the amount of useful space in your storage area.

The system can be installed on any floor surface and installation can be completed without any disruption to your workplace. Modular Mobile file cabinets are easily expandable and moveable, and are an ideal solution for organizations taking the first step to mobile file storage.

More High-density mobile shelving systems

TAB-TRAC high-density mobile shelving; rolling filing system; business filing storage system


High-density mobile storage

TAB-TRAC is the ideal solution when you need to efficiently and securely store a high volume of information.

TAB-TRAC Ultra Secure high density mobile storage

TAB-TRAC® Ultra Secure

Highly-secure, high-density mobile storage

TAB-TRAC Ultra Secure includes added features that allow you to protect critical information against frontal and overhead access.

EXPRESS-TRAC II mobile shelving systems


Easy-to-install, high-density mobile storage

The anchorless track system of EXPRESS-TRAC II makes it easier to install a high-density mobile storage solution.

POWER-TRAC II powered/electrical mobile shelving systems


Heavy-duty, high-density mobile storage

Strong, powerful and secure, POWER-TRAC II is ideal for storing a high volume of heavy media, with frequent user access.

SIDE-TRAC lateral mobile shelving systems


Lateral-sliding mobile storage cabinets

Our SIDE-TRAC lateral mobile storage system allows you to fit more storage cabinets into your existing space.

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