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Our Products and Services


TAB can create custom indexes to the unique specifications you require, enhancing the performance of your folders by making it easier to find what you need when you need it.


  • available with up to 8 tabs
  • sixteen tab colors to choose from
  • side or bottom tab location
  • top or side hinge location
  • optional fileback fasteners
  • many more customizable options

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More File Folder Add-ons


File folder accessories

TAB offers a wide range of file folder accessories to improve efficiency and keep your documents secure.



TAB provides a wide assortment of pocket designs, allowing you to accommodate documents and media of varying sizes.

More File folders

TAB folders

TAB® folders

Small side tab

TAB Folders have a single, small side tab, and are available in a wide variety of specialty materials.

top tab folders

Top Tab folders

Small top tab

Top Tab file folders have a small notched tab along the top to provide room for color coded files in standard roll-out drawer cabinets.

2tab file folders

2TAB® Folders

Small top tab and side tab

2TAB file folders have both a side tab and a top tab, allowing you to use color coding in drawer cabinets and shelf cabinets.

datafile folders

TAB Datafile® Folders

Full-length, side tab

TAB Datafile folders have a full side tab to provide you with the maximum amount of space to color code your files.

FORTIfile folders with eternafilm

FORTIfile folders

Extra durable, full-length side tab

TAB FORTIfile folders are reinforced with eternafilm, making them the most durable, long-lasting file folders.

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