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Our Products and Services


TAB provides a wide range of specialized pockets designed for specific requirements. With closed sides, these pockets allow you to store small items in a file with larger documents.


  • document pockets designed for small and odd-size documents such as log files, traffic tickets, photographs and more
  • pressure sensitive pockets and fasteners for individually applied folder applications
  • oversized pocket with flaps to secure documents inside the pocket
  • ten pocket and tab colors to choose from
  • available with two-sides closed and three-sides closed
  • optional pre-printed pockets specifically for x-rays

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More File Folder Add-ons


File folder accessories

TAB offers a wide range of file folder accessories to improve efficiency and keep your documents secure.



TAB offers a range of indexes to make it easy to find your information. We can also custom create indexes to your unique specifications.

More File folders

TAB folders

TAB® folders

Small side tab

TAB Folders have a single, small side tab, and are available in a wide variety of specialty materials.

top tab folders

Top Tab folders

Small top tab

Top Tab file folders have a small notched tab along the top to provide room for color coded files in standard roll-out drawer cabinets.

2tab file folders

2TAB® Folders

Small top tab and side tab

2TAB file folders have both a side tab and a top tab, allowing you to use color coding in drawer cabinets and shelf cabinets.

datafile folders

TAB Datafile® Folders

Full-length, side tab

TAB Datafile folders have a full side tab to provide you with the maximum amount of space to color code your files.

FORTIfile folders with eternafilm

FORTIfile folders

Extra durable, full-length side tab

TAB FORTIfile folders are reinforced with eternafilm, making them the most durable, long-lasting file folders.

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