Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

High-density open shelving

TAB’s high-density shelving systems help you: store more files in less space, improve file access and save money on real estate costs.

TAB’s open shelving systems are designed for high-density filing environments. They are the ideal solution for highly active filing rooms, allowing rapid access to a large number of files in a limited area.

The flexible, modular design makes economical use of space while making it easy to file, retrieve, and shift your files.

four-post shelving

Four-post shelving

Economical high-density shelving

Four-post shelving offers an incredibly durable, easily accessible system of high-density storage.

Unistor lateral filing

Unistor shelving

Flexible high-density shelving

Unistor is a flexible storage system that provides easy access to media. It can be mounted on mobile carriages to increase your available storage space.

unit spacefinder shelving

Unit Spacefinder Databox

Modular high-density shelving

The Unit Spacefinder Databox line features modular, highly configurable shelving units for a variety of media and applications.

large document storage

Large document storage

Vertical, high-density storage for large documents

TAB’s large document storage systems offer a unique vertical configuration that saves space and makes it easier to organize and access your large documents.

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