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Unit Spacefinder Databox

unit spacefinder shelving

Our Products and Services

Unit Spacefinder Databox

Unit Spacefinder Databox is a completely modular, fully adjustable line of open, lateral storage equipment.


  • lateral filing for quick, easy media access
  • adjustable design to meet the exact needs of any filing system
  • suitable for storing several media types together
  • easily expandable to increase capacity and functionality
  • exclusive “stair-step” design tilts boxes forward for greater accessibility
  • cut-away box sides for in-filing of hard copy records
  • units can be back-shifted to accommodate new records as old ones are removed
  • uses only 3.6 square feet of floor space (versus 5.8 square feet for a conventional 4-drawer filing cabinet)
  • allows multiple users to access files simultaneously

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