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Large document storage

large document storage

Our Products and Services

Large document storage

Large document storage presents unique challenges. The common approach for large documents is to store them horizontally in large drawers, but this method is not very efficient and it makes access difficult.

TAB’s vertical storage system is a highly efficient, versatile and cost-effective solution for storing large documents. The vertical approach makes large documents easier to file and retrieve, and it allows you to increase your storage capacity by 300 percent.


  • intuitive shelving design for quick installation, reconfiguration and growth
  • strong, secure construction, with shelves made from 18-gauge steel, in a heavy, reinforced housing
  • easy-to-handle, durable, lightweight corrugated cardboard folders
  • color-coded labels to reduce re-filing and retrieval time


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Four-post shelving offers an incredibly durable, easily accessible system of high-density storage.

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